Our History

The Laviolette Poultry Farm was founded in 1977 after co-owner Yollande Laviolette purchased Alain Bourgon’s poultry house, along with 6,200 laying hens. At the time, Ms. Laviolette would send her eggs to the farm’s grading station and then sell them to wholesalers in Montreal.

In mid-April, 1993, a fire in the poultry house destroyed it completely. Given this total loss, Ms. Laviolette seized this opportunity to replace the old poultry house with a modern, higher-capacity, high-tech facility.

In 1997, the Laviolette family – Yollande and her two sons, Marcel Jr and Pascal – decided to build a new grading station within the poultry house and to focus on retail egg distribution. The farm’s new mission was spearheaded by Marcel Jr. Unfortunately, Ms. Laviolette passed away on August 30, 2003, at the age of 59, after a short battle with cancer.

By 2012, the farm’s sales territory included grocery stores, restaurants and food wholesales from eastern Ontario and Gatineau to St-Sauveur MTL and southern Quebec.

In 2016, the Laviolette farm decided to add a second barn to his facilities. The barn which is an enriched system, will comply to every laws and requirements to provide the hens everything they need from Feed to Scratching and nesting area. This barn has a capacity of 19,000 laying hens.

In 2018, a new grading station was built with the highest technology. This expansion was intended to double the capacity and keep up with the demands of our customers. With the addition of technology, we are confident that every egg that gets out the door is fresh, clean and good for your health.

In 2021, the Laviolette farm has 16 full-time and 4 part-time employees along with 48,000 laying hens and over 400 customers, many of them restaurants. The Laviolette family carry on their mentor, Yollande, that dedicated all her life in hard work and that is why we continue to offer the fresh high-quality products that make the family’s pride and good reputation.

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