Other Products

Beside producing eggs, which is our primary line of products, we also distribute the following healthy products.

Golden Gate Margarine

In terms of calories and fat, butter and margarine are the same, each containing 35 calories and 4 grams of fat per spoonful. Essentially, they are both fat and they only differ in the source of that fat. Butter contains more saturated fat than most margarines because margarine is made from vegetable oil, which contains no cholesterol.

If you prefer margarine that is less rich in saturated fat, look for soft margarine. Also, did you know that whipped butter and margarine contain less fat per spoonful? We also offer the low-fat variety, but we do not recommended it for some recipes.

We are a distributor for Golden Gate products.

Orange Maison products

Since November 2006, we also distribute Orange Maison products .


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