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Eggs should not be kept out of the refrigerator more than two hours (including cooking and serving time). If the eggs must be at room temperature for a recipe, take them out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before use or put them in warm water a few minutes prior to use.


Each egg that leaves Ferme Avicole Laviolette has food safety stamped all over it – quite literally. In 2012, Marcel Laviolette decided that marking each carton with a traceability code wasn’t enough. Instead, he implemented an automated system that marks every agri-food innovation awardegg with an alphanumeric code. The HACCP-certified producer is the first in Ontario to implement such a comprehensive traceability system. Because the code reveals the production date, batch date and producer number, any recall is fast and accurate. For consumers, the code on each egg spells a visible commitment to quality and accountability. For the local egg producers that use Laviolette’s grading station, it means a boost in sales and profits.

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Ferme Avicole Laviolette produces, labels and distributes high-quality eggs to grocery stores as well as to several restaurants and wholesalers in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec.

Ever so concerned with quality and the service value we provide to our customers, we successfully exceed HACCP (an international food safety control system) standards since September 2001. In addition, our poultry farm is powered by solar panels that allow us to do our share to offset greenhouse gases for a healthier environment.

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